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Can't wait to finish Arc 1 to be honest

It's finally here! Chapter 4 is very special because most of the story was written by Bogi. I'm not good with interlude kind of chapters, so she was a big help. Thank you. Arc 1's finale will be amazing!

Thu Jul 27 2017 22:14:41

This is getting hard

Right now I'm in Italy, behind an Indian proxy (my ISP somehow don't allow like anything) plus things in my private life aren't going well either. It's just not my easiest period, that's all. New chapter is out anyways, thanks to Bogi for it! Chapter 4 will be cute!

Tue Jul 25 2017 21:53:45

New chapter... Again!

Came back from Spain and with Death's help, once again, I was able to publish faster! Enjoy!

Mon Jul 10 2017 08:33:22

Little hotfix and greetings

Corrected some mistakes and I would like to thank the help of Samu and Death who made this novel possible!

Tue Jun 27 2017 12:01:57

First chapter, launch party

Well, here it is. The first chapter of my novel. Although the site still needs some work, I'm happy that you are finally able to read the first part of my not-so-cute story! Enjoy!

Tue Jun 27 2017 03:17:42

"For all have sinned, and fall short of the glory of God"

Romans 3:23



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